Are You Wired For Success?

Every year you make plans to be better than the last year.  You make the resolution to get in shape, better your finances, and be a better person. It all sounds good but what steps have you made to try to accomplish these things and why do you always have to wait until a new year to get started.  It’s all Talk and you know that talk doesn’t get you anywhere. 

What was so happy about a new year if you didn’t prepare yourself for it?  Isn’t it just another day.  It would be happy if you prepared yourself for the greatness that a new day can employ to you.  Are you wired right?  What steps have you made in preparation for success?  It was once said the success is when preparation meets opportunity.  Have you wired yourself to be prepared for success? 

It’s time to wire yourself into a new way of thinking.  Today can be the day that you take control of life’s prosperity.   BUT Only, if you take the time out to wire yourself correctly.  Take out a pen and write down what you want to accomplish in your life. The mere act of writing will inspire you and impel you to achieve and give you the desire to accomplish.  It’s a known fact.

Overindulge yourself in yourself. Make this time about you.  Don’t make excuses about what you can’t do, just focus on what you can.  It takes time but with constant dedication and belief you can do it. 

Wire these 10 steps into your daily thinking:

  1. You have to think positive
  2. Believe in Yourself and Trust God
  3. Know what’s important each day; set priorities
  4. Have the courage to stand alone
  5. Think big, dream big, keep success in your mind
  6. Always think Positive. Winners have positive attitudes
  7. Set your goals and plan how to achieve them
  8. Never give up
  9. Learn to accept your mistakes, but make them only once
  10. Choose work you like and enjoy the challenges

Wiring yourself for success starts with you.   Don’t make another excuse! Take control of your life today.


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